System Maintenance &Support


Class (A)

Up to 5 Computers

Class (B)

Up to 10 Computers

Class (C)

Up to 20 Computers
1 Window installation Window installation Window installation
2 Software Installation Software Installation Software Installation
3 System Recovery & Repair System Recovery & Repair System Recovery & Repair
4 Virus Removal Virus Removal Virus Removal
5 PC Maintenance& Troubleshooting PC Maintenance& Troubleshooting PC Maintenance& Troubleshooting
6 Printer Sharing Printer Sharing Printer Sharing
7 File Sharing File Sharing File Sharing
8 - Internet Acess Internet Acess
9 - Router Configuration Router Configuration
10 - Wi-Fi User Access Wi-Fi User Access
11 - LAN(Network Cable) LAN(Network Cable)
12 - Wi-Fi(Router) Wi-Fi(Router)
13 - - (Online Live Support)
14 - - CCTV Installation,Repair

System Maintenance &Support

Nothing A computer is like a car. It needs regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Many companies seek "help" only when it is already too late - just like our health, we simply cannot neglect it. The computer is easily replaceable, but the data loss and system downtime is what affects your business the most.

Our customers span from a simple setup of 2 computers to multi-location offices with more than 300 desktops and multiple servers running 24 by 7. Our support plans cover preventive and corrective maintenance that keeps the system up and running by performing data backup verification, virus and spyware checks, system updates, audit and other regular maintenance.

In the event of an unexpected system failure or fault, corrective maintenance is readily available and with remote access, most problems can be attended to immediately for a quick resolution.

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